Business Concierge

Business concierge means comprehensive, personalized care service and support for demanding businessmen at the highest level.


We offer professional and tailor-made concierge services for VIP business clients. Business Concierge is the highest quality of service, with personalized, tailored to the needs of an individual client, care. These services are intended for important business partners, investors, or managers who develop business in a given area.

We provide assistance and professional care in all business activities that will support the project. Our offer for Business Concierge includes a wide range of services: from apartment or hotel rental, through ensuring proper conference rooms, transportation, easy contact with local business and administration, all the way to arranging a dinner in an elegant restaurant and organising your leisure. You will be able to focus on what’s the most important to you.


For your comfort and security, we provide a full range of high-quality Business Concierge services, in particular:

  • Transport - a fleet of new, luxurious cars,
  • Accommodation - we cooperate with hundreds of hotels and apartments,
  • Office and conference facilities for meetings,
  • Organization of business meetings, conferences and trainings,
  • Organization of leisure and tourism,
  • Booking tables in the best restaurants,
  • Contacts with local companies and public institutions,
  • And any help on site.


If you are planning to host foreign guests, investors, business partners or you are starting a business in Malopolska or Silesia, please contact us. We will guarantee professional service and meet even the most sophisticated needs.

Business Concierge by SeeKrakow is more than just a regular service, it's help and care at the highest level that will save your time and money.

Trust the professionals!

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